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Favorite Christmas Weddings & Such

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For this post, I thought I would combine my job (as an event planner) with my love of Christmas–enjoy!

One of my favorite wedding blogs, Green Wedding Shoes always has wonderful blogs during holiday season. I fell in love with a couple of the posts while reading up on Christmas weddings. For instance, ladies, can you imagine not knowing, as you woke up one morning, that it was your WEDDING DAY?! One groom proposed to his bride during Christmas break while they were with her family–and they got married four days later with the help of her family, she was completely surprised!

Surprise Christmas Eve wedding–read the full story on Green Wedding Shoes here! (photo: Jamie Delaine Photography)

Or better yet, why not elope during the holidays? That’s what this couple did, but still hired a photographer to capture their special day. I personally can’t imagine not having pictures of my wedding, I’m very sentimental–so I feel like this is the best of both worlds as far as eloping goes. Still have it be just the two of you, but have pictures for yourselves, and of course all your friends and family who want to see!

See the entire blog here! (photo: Casie Zalud Photography)

Love this collage & the Christmas pillows to emphasize the theme! (photo: Casie Zalud Photography)

The stockings make me happy! (photo: Casie Zalud Photography)

The Merry Christmas banner is perfect for behind the cake table! (photo: Casie Zalud Photography)

Absolutely can’t get married on Christmas, scheduling conflicts–your work schedule, his mom can’t be there, et cetera? But you love Christmas as much as I do (I’d like to see you try!) and just have to incorporate Christmas into your wedding somehow?  r
No problem! Do what this couple did! (Believe me, I’m taking notes!)
Have your engagement shoot at a Christmas tree farm! I think this may be may favorite idea yet! (This might also have something to do with the fact that my Christmas is going up tomorrow! Yes, you did read that right! Pictures to come next week!)

Love this signage! (photo: Jonda Spurbeck Photographers)

LOVE this photo with them holding the sign! (photo: Jonda Spurbeck Photographers)

Wooden sign + hot chocolate = precious (photo: Jonda Spurbeck Photographers)

Love the collage with Christmas cookies & peppermint sticks-so simple to do with such great results! (photo: Jonda Spurbeck Photographers)
See the entire blog post here.

For more Christmas weddings, be sure to watch the Green Wedding Shoes during December-January.

Tradition Spotlight: The Futrell Family through the eyes of Kyleigh Ann Futrell

(Left to right) Kyleigh Ann Futrell, Kyle Futrell, Marti Futrell at their home during Christmas 2009 (Photo: Bryce Gage)

“The day after Halloween marks the beginning of Christmas season in the Futrell household! Fall decorations are gathered and packed up into boxes, while one of the biggest cleaning sprees of the year commences! The first weekend in November is the ultimate kick off to decorating though. Boxes containing branches and other parts of the Christmas tree are extracted from the attic along with boxes upon boxes of lights. My dad turns on the TV to College Gameday on ESPN, and begins to set up the tree. Assembling each layer, adding over 40 strands of lights, he completes the tree in about a football game and a half, with my mom and me untangling lights and separating branches. Once all of the lights are on the tree, my mom begins taking ornaments out of boxes, while my dad and I strategically hang them. Finally, after another football game or so, all of the ornaments are on the tree and the rest of the house can be decorated.

We don’t notice the time while we put  up the main tree. However, we do measure progress by football games! It is tradition that we watch college football while assembling the tree.

It is as if the tree is the starting point for our Christmas decorating. Once the tree is up, we can bring out the little trees, the mantle decorations, the Department 56 houses and the transformation to a Christmas wonderland can begin!

Many people view the Christmas season and decorating as a burden, obligatory family gatherings. However, it is my absolute favorite time of the year! It is all of the family time I get to spend with my loved ones that makes the season special. I will never forget the late nights before Thanksgiving as we scramble to finish all of the decorations before the family arrives for lunch! Even after the decorating is finished, the excitement that initiates the season never ends!”

2011 Walkway of Lights in Marble Falls, Texas (photo: Kyleigh Ann Futrell)

PS-55 more days until Christmas!


Author: Natalie Alissa Hale

I'm a PR student at The University of Texas at Austin and an assistant event coordinator. Christmas is the only time I get to see my entire family all year, so it's always been my favorite time of year. I start counting down from 100 days (Sept. 16) every year! My family traditions mean the world to me. These are a collection of both my and others' traditions as well as other fun topics surrounding Christmas! View my "About" page to learn more!

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